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All White "Wide White"!

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Coronita FT AB 5,90 €

CigarKings Nicaragua

Cigarkings zigarren

Robusto Sun Grown

Robusto Sun grown

Hoodie "Wide White"

Hoodie Wide White

CigarKings Zigarren

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Zigarren für jeden Geschmack

Feinster Tabak aus Nicaragua kombiniert mit den edelsten Deckblättern aus Ecuador. Das macht den einzigartigen Geschmack der CigarKings aus.

Totalmente a mano, entubado.

Entubado Style

The oldest, most labor-intensive but best method for 'bundling' cigars is the "Entubar" method. This rolling process involves up to eight separate channels of filler tobacco, each forming a separate smoking channel. These smoke channels are firmly rolled into the tobacco roll, the binder and the wrapper. The creation of these smoke channels allows the cigar rollers to wrap the wrappers tighter around the filler, which would not be possible with the "Standard Book Filler Method". The "Entubar" method produces an incredibly compact and slow burning cigar that optimally develops all the aromas of the cigar blend.

Only a handful of top manufacturers use this style.

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cigarkings zigarren


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