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Robusto Sun Grown

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The Robusto is a beloved, classic shape in CigarKings style. Combining elegance with taste, the Robusto Sun Grown builds on top of the Corona with similar characteristics on the palette, albeit, in a classic form with a thicker ring gauge for more intense draws, elevating the CigarKings experience to a whole new level. Being the classic shape, it also has a sweet spot in duration with a smoking time of around one hour.

Our aim with the Nicaragua Series was to create cigars with relatively low nicotine content, whilst maintaining a complex and creamy taste. This was made possible by using only Viso and Seco tobacco, along with using our secret binders to explore the tastes usually found in heavier bodies cigars. The all natural Sun Grown wrapper is employed for a milder and creamier taste to compliment the filler as well as the binder.

All CigarKings cigars are rolled in the traditional, old Entubado style which implies the filler being completely rolled by hand and closed with a triple cap. This elevates the smoking experience allowing for more channels and amplifies taste at every draw.